Good to Meet You

Scott & Carri are a husband and wife wedding photography team living in Southwest Virginia. They were friends before they fell in love and think the best relationships start that way. He makes her laugh and she keeps him adventuring.

They love the outdoors, mexican food, and shooting weddings. He loves to fish and she loves to read so we spend any time we can on the Outer Banks. They love their families and still go home on Sunday's for family lunch.

The first time he saw her he knew – it took her a little longer. This is our love story.

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He’d just started a new job and she was assigned to be his trainer. He says she caught his eye right away, and while she noticed he was handsome she didn’t think much more about it. It wasn’t until a year later when everything began to happen. Scott had missed a few days from work and when he got back Carri asked him where he had been and said she couldn’t text him to find out if he was ok because she didn’t have his number. So he gave it to her but then told her never to use it. Well, the reverse psychology worked because they texted back and forth all night. A few days later he invited her to go on a hike with him and for Carri it felt like she was hanging out with her best friend. They were so comfortable together and she could talk to him for hours.

After 5 happy years together, on a snowy night in March, Scott came over and fixed Carri a delicious steak dinner. And over a bottle of red wine asked her for nights like these for the rest of their lives. Her first reaction was “Are you serious?!?” because she couldn’t believe it was really happening followed by a resounding yes! 5 months later in front of their family and friends on the lawn of the beautiful Rockwood Manor they said I do and became husband and wife. It was an amazing day and has been followed by an even more amazing marriage.


Photo Credit: Briana Moore Photography

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